Is eLearning the Future of Education in the Workplace?

If you work in HR and L&D, you’re probably on the fence about introducing eLearning as a primary method for educating staff. Though eLearning will never completely replace traditional teaching, embracing change is critical for success. It’s your organization’s willingness to adapt to change that defines its character, and in today’s technological age, it’s difficult imagining a business landscape without eLearning.

There are various advantages of eLearning which will encourage you to unlock its true potential, but what exactly are they? Read on to find out why eLearning is the future of L&D, and how it can be leveraged to meet customer and employer needs.

Better Engagement

Have you ever dreaded the thought of enduring long lectures with instructors? Keeping the attention of learners is half the battle, however eLearning addresses this issue with a combination of text, animation, and videos. Increasing the variety of resources leads to better engagement, which can be leveraged for better results. If learners are engaged, they stand a far better chance of retaining information, compared with if they’re in an environment where they’re prone to switch off.

Cost Effective

Online learning reduces the costs associated with classroom teaching. This aligns with cost cutting initiatives which are prominent in today’s economic struggle. Traditional learning means accounting for travel, learning materials, venues, and catering. You’ll also need to consider the cost of updating materials, which is crucial to gain a competitive edge. Online platforms can be updated quickly, with less additional costs, and you will conveniently save on printing too. The more employees benefit from online learning platforms, the higher your ROI, and the more cost effective your development strategy works out.

Convenient and Flexible

Employees can access eLearning materials from any device that has an internet connection. This eliminates the difficulties of coordinating a large team in one location, offering a level of flexibility that’s highly convenient for your organization. Because staff can participate in eLearning whenever they like, this frees up time for employees to focus on their core competencies, and even creates an option for them to learn outside work hours.

Improved Performance and Productivity
Employees can quickly get up to speed with new processes, which has various overarching benefits. The ability to engage with tailored resources, at times right for the employee, increases productivity, without conflicting with other important tasks. With an enhanced learning scope, staff can perform their daily duties with better efficiency, meaning your business will run better.

 Results Are Easy To Measure

With a digital learning package, everything is easier to measure. One of the most beneficial statistics to extract is how your program is influencing certain KPIs. Before initiating your online learning materials, you should establish the goals you want to accomplish, whether better customer service or a faster onboarding of new customers. When people have completed their eLearning course, you can measure these metrics again at a later date to determine improvements in target areas. Your eLearning courses should be strategic, and used to meet important business objectives. This is much better than logging completion time and scores.


Your eLearning requirements will grow with your organization. Today’s digital learning resources quickly accommodate new users, and are easily scaled to match your objectives for organizational growth. Staff can embrace the principles of eLearning from day one, adopting it as one of their everyday tasks. There is greater scale for improvement, which is a continual process that never ends. By implementing these foundations as part of your business philosophy, your organization will flourish and experience exponential growth.


Every organization’s learning requirements are unique, and internal learning needs fluctuate depending on the department in question. ELearning platforms can be leveraged to adapt to the circumstances in question, accounting for individual differences. This is useful when you consider everyone isn’t at the same level of education, because every staff member can access a different level of teaching. ELearning provides a contextual learning environment, accounting for diverse educational needs.

After absorbing the organizational advantages of eLearning, you’ll appreciate it’s not just the future, but the present of education. Failing to recognize its capabilities makes it easy to get left behind. Embrace eLearning today and you’ll be astonished by the long term results. Though it’s difficult knowing where to begin, you can gradually introduce eLearning alongside conventional learning methods. This will make its implementation less drastic, and more adaptable.

Thanks for reading this article. If you have any questions or would simply like to become part of the conversation, please comment below and kick-start the discussion.

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