Creating Engaging, Interactive e-Learning – Even With Your Hands Tied

High-quality designs and contents are important elements of a successful eLearning system. However, one of the vital elements of an eLearning system that has often been ignored is interactivity. The importance of creating interactive eLearning systems can never be overstated, below are some factors you have to consider if you want to create interactive eLearning systems:

Use voiceover audio: rather than having learners read and keep reading, adding audio to eLearning courses will increase interactivity. Voiceover audio will have the presenter talk in the background while presentation slides, visuals, charts or graphics are displayed on the screen. This effort creates an experience that is similar to sitting in a classroom setting, where the teacher is taking the students through the material. In the case of eLearning, the voiceover audio does not include any form of distraction. It is put in place to aid the learning process.

User interactive elements: the use of interactive elements is important in eLearning because instructors and learners do not have direct contact. In an eLearning course, it will be good to have elements that enable learners to respond to prompts and reminders. Drag and drop, clickable textbox, pop-ups and other related elements that respond to learners input serve a large role in engaging learners. Learning experience becomes dull when there is no interaction in eLearning courses; it will likely result in failure in the purpose for which courses were created. It is also good to gamify topics because gaming elements can keep learners hooked to a course just like the way video games keep players hooked.

Make it social: to ensure the interaction amongst learners; it is quite important to make eLearning systems social through the use of social functions such as sharing and commenting on contents. It will be good if learners are also given opportunities to contribute a share of their knowledge through online group study sessions and task-based learning which can lead to valid and useful outcomes. This tip can make learners interact well with eLearning systems.

Integrate assessments and quizzes at the end of lessons or modules: this does not only help facilitators to access the overall performance of learners in an eLearning course but can also grant learners the chance to measure their progress. The quizzes should involve real-life problems which learners must solve using the skills they acquired during their study. It will also be good to have tests that are made up of audio and/or video questions. These end-of lesson test and quizzes will not only avoid boredom but will as well boost knowledge retention rates

Do not be afraid to add humor: in the process of creating eLearning systems that are engaging and interactive, it is vital to remember that you are talking to humans who have feelings. Research has shown that people are more open to new ideas and thoughts, they can also use their power to learn and retain better when they are in a positive mood; due to that, it will be good to find out fun ways to explain dry contents. Humor makes contents memorable; this is because a hormone called endorphins is released anytime someone is in a positive and happy mood, this hormone helps learners to have a retentive memory.

Ask for feedback: One way to ensure that eLearning systems are interactive is to give learners an opportunity to express their opinions and views, these opportunities grant them the privilege to leave feedbacks. The response given to the feedbacks also matters a lot because it is can be used to improve programs so as to make them more relevant.

In conclusion, images, videos, and other interactive elements should not be included in a way that can they can cause a distraction. It is good and advisable to use these elements to improve the way in which courses are being presented to learners. We hope that this tips on how to create engaging and interactive eLearning systems have been supportive. Please let us know.

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