Networking (Outside the Company) Effectively

Course Description:

Everyone knows that networking is important to long-term business success. The networking process itself, however, can be confusing. Learning effective networking techniques will help you develop relationships that will benefit you both personally and professionally.

Research has consistently demonstrated that when clear goals are associated with learning, it occurs more easily and rapidly. At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Define Identify and avoid obstacles
  • Implement networking principles
  • Use online tools
  • Prioritize contacts
  • Manage networks effectively

The Benefits of Networking Outside of Work

  • Create a Solid Network
  • Meet Strategic Alliance Partners
  • Generate Leads
  • Position Yourself
  • Case Study
  • Assessment

Networking Obstacles

  • Time Constraints
  • Saying the Wrong Thing
  • Where to Go to Network
  • Fear of Rejection
  • Case Study
  • Assessment

Networking Principles

  • Develop Contacts
  • Organize Your Contacts
  • Follow Up
  • Maintain Relationships
  • Case Study
  • Assessment

Why Network

  • Gain Trust
  • Be Visible
  • Be an Insider
  • Gain Advantage
  • Case Study
  • Assessment

How to Build Networks

  • Physical Networking Groups
  • Attend Networking Events
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Create Networking Referral Lists
  • Case Study
  • Assessment

Online Networking Tools

  • Social Networks
  • Blogs
  • Chat Rooms
  • Email
  • Case Study
  • Assessment

Develop Interpersonal Relationships

  • Be Specific
  • Keep Your Word
  • Maintain Boundaries
  • Invest Time
  • Case Study
  • Assessment

Common Networking Mistakes

  • Taking Before Giving
  • Assumptions
  • Reaching Too High
  • Assume Tools Create Connections
  • Case Study
  • Assessment

Time Management

  • Prioritize Contacts
  • Create Group Activities
  • Connect Online
  • Schedule Your Networking Activities
  • Case Study
  • Assessment
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