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Turnkey e-learning solution

100% white label lMS loaded with 125+ courses

Boost your company’s training program with our complete eLearning solution. We will brand the LMS and make it yours in no time!

We know what works


125+ courses included

Our LMS comes with a library of 125+ courses. Each course is 75 90 mins long, fully narrated, contains 10+ case scenarios, and includes 100+ questions.

plus Your own Content

Use it to train your employees on material your company already has such as presentations, videos, pdf documents, etc. Simply send it to us and we will upload it at no cost .

The most affordable LMS

We checked. No other platform comes loaded with 125+ courses for as low as $1 per employee per month.

award Certificates

The LMS will instantly award your trainees custom designed certificates that are branded and signed . It also retains copies for future retrieval.

get the reports you need

Capability to run and export reports on demand so that you can make better decisions and keep stakeholders informed.

your employees will love it

Easy to use on any smart device with simple, modern, and clean interface so your people can train anytime, anywhere.

affordable as you grow

We are committed to keep our LMS the most affordable out there. As you add more of your employees to the LMS, the LMS fee per user will go down.

No technical skills needed

As a cloud LMS there’s no need to install, update, or back up anything. The LMS automatically does it for you.

your admin will be ready

Provided our effective no-cost 2 hour virtual training, your team will have the skills they need to administer the LMS and support your learners.

ideal for Small-medium size organizations

flexible & simple pricing.

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they love it!

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